For the exhibition module, I chose to join the space team for the final exhibition space as I thought this would be the best use of my skills in terms of manufacturing whatever was to be used in the exhibition and also the initial stages of the work.

At the beginning of the process, I worked with Gerry and the rest of the space team working on concept for the exhibition. the original design was the triangular podium concept, however after me and Huw measured the space for sizes and then used this information we found the podium idea wouldn’t give us enough space to present work.

After working towards the final concept of the exhibition with the rest of the space team through Cad and using the previous measurements we had to distribute the space evenly between everyone we came to the ribbon concept. Each of the three groups (real,right,possible) had their own table but then we had to work on what would be the best way to hold up the ribbons.

Me and Lawrence worked on a crossbeam made of plywood which would hold the structures (ribbons). However after pricing this idea up it was to costly and needed to be more appropriate. We decided on using the tables that we already had in product design and turning them upside down to create the holder for the ribbons and this would be cost effective and sturdier than any previous concepts.

For the manufacture of the exhibition, I helped all the way through by putting the sheets of plywood onto the CNC with Gerry and Ewan after which we had to cut out from the edges and take up to the studio.

IMG_4093 IMG_4094 IMG_4095 IMG_4096 IMG_4097 IMG_4098 IMG_4099

These images are from the construction of the space when we were building the tables and placing the ribbons over the edge of the space. This was a team effort which required at least 15 people to do each ribbon. The other end ribbons were much easier to manufacture as it was easier to screw in parts of the design and made it a lot easier to access the design. This was the area of the exhibition which I found I provided the most help, by building the exhibition from the CAD given and using the CNC wood to make the tables and ribbons.