For my field Module after deciding on my final design based around using locally sourced and sustainable materials. I began to re render the design and looking at ways to improve the design and therefore the working prototype, this was my final concept for render and I began to ask for some feedback.

Field Render

The use of wood in the design was well received and what was crucial next was to understand whether this could be built using handmade techniques. To do this I began researching looking at what techniques it would involve to make this design so I asked local wood workers what techniques it would require.

I gained feedback saying that the shell could be wood turned and the other components would have to be cut by hand on bandsaw and then polished. This would be fine for wooden components but the other components such as the metal shaft would need to buy standardised parts for the internals. this would still give a good aesthetic and be much cheaper to manufacture if there was a need to increase sales.

IMG_4063 IMG_4064 Presentstion view field.80 IMG_4072 IMG_4073 IMG_4077

After being taught how to use a wood lathe and designing the final concept on a wood lathe to see how quickly it could be made by me and professionally, I found that the design was the most effective way to create the shell. However after making the shell due to the wood being moist, the design began to crack and ruined the overall shell. This showed me that quality materials and well treated materials were key to the final model and a design for manufacture also.