Using an initial prototype for the design and the technique of wizard of OZ testing to understand the functions of the design and to convey this to the user this design is targeted for. -Using a prototype of the components which allow the product to function within the desired location of the design (simulated) such as an Arduino performing the functions the final product.


This was the first environment that I tested the prototype in and looked at certain factors for using the office, especially for the values needed to take care of a plant such as light, water and temperature. After testing the initial prototype and getting an understanding from my written up user testing research and notes taken from people testing the initial stages I found that I needed to develop certain factors of the final design such as the size of the product, the lights for the communication in the design, and how the product would be safe to use in the office environment. After developing this stage I cam up with some initial designs on CAD and then eventually looking at how the components would be placed inside the design also. Component testing. This test was done by using the same electronics that I had planned for the final design including an Arduino, L.E.D’s +thermistor, LDR and moisture content detector. By simulating each function, on a plant which I provided, I set up the components on the plant and wanted to test if they would take care of the plant and understand what each function demanded.

After using the initial wizard of OZ testing, the functions were much easier to understand in the design, they were able to keep track of the plant while working. With the initial design I included the use of sounds to alert the user which the found distracting while working and also disturbed others. This was found to be ineffective as the plant did not require instant attention. Nurture Planter(PrimarySubject) copy This was the initial Cad prototype to show the users I was gaining feedback on what the design would look like and to give a sense of where the plant would sit too.