These are annotations from my sketchbook, notes on the pages of the reports and printouts from websites to summarise the points I found while working on my report.These points are the evaluation areas I found within my notes of the technical report.

The proposal began looking into battery technology and sustainability of materials in large industries, after consideration to which one would be more beneficial, I found that by looking into the sustainability, I could apply this research to other projects that I had been working on.

My report proposal focused upon the sustainability of materials and therefore the processes involved within the apparel industry. I found this was an interesting area to research as the current trends in wearable technology were slowly growing and learning to adapt material and the design process for this area could be beneficial. For the proposal I looked at what was the most applicable to understand, after looking at reports on sustainability, I found that previous companies have mistreated their workers in 3rd world economies and this was a point that I found interesting however this does not solve the overall issue with sustainability and so I focused on what is currently wrong with the materials used within the industry. Eventually my proposal consisted of factors on current materials and processes, to the sustainable alternatives used. It also details the methods for more sustainable manufacture, such as design for disassembly and modular design as well.

-I am currently writing the first research stage on the current materials and processes used within the industry for the final report, I have been reading reports based upon the growth of usage in materials within the apparel industry as well as the consumers interests currently.

-After finishing the first area of the research, I think that it has shown where I need to focus the detailed secondary research even though I have selected where to lead the research onto, The sustainable alternatives and methods to improve the industries sustainable challenges with products. I found that the design for disassembly method would be effective when I begin the design process.

-The second research stage began looking into the sustainable alternatives and focused upon why they are required for the industry. An interesting point was referring previous research stages upon cotton properties and why even though the material is natural unlike polyester, the processes applied to cotton have large amounts of pesticides which affect the growers and the sustainability of the product also. Although I found other interesting points based upon the external outcomes of the crops grown such as taking up land for materials instead of food for people working in the areas cotton is grown, however these points were not valid for evaluating why there are unsustainable factors within the industry. I began to look at the actual factors relevant to what stated I was going to investigate in the report, I had to take away parts from the first stage of research.

-After re-evaluating what needed to be involved in the report, I took away areas which weren’t important and adding to the overall investigation of the report. I had to look at more sources which backed up claims stated in the report in order to validate arguments.

-After finishing all the detailed research, I began to look at what products were applicable to the research which required updating on the Materials and processes. I found that looking at all areas within apparel I could single out certain items which required updating. I found that the washing machine could be a product in need of being updated however, I could not apply the methods and research gained from the research stage.

-After the Matrix evaluation, I found that footwear was in need of the most updating and I knew from previous knowledge that there are new material technologies, I read an article on fly-knit technology where large sports manufacturers have created a sock shoe alloy style product. So I began to do market research on footwear industry and manufacturing. I looked into what current materials are used within manufacture and then evaluated what materials could be used to replace it. The replaced materials would have to be more sustainable or add to the products overall life cycle.

-After applying the materials learned from the design process research I began to look at style and create an initial specification to develop  a concept. I designed the concept on the points of the brief that the footwear must be for everyday wear and after analysing a product from the same market, I found that it needed to be unisex and other applicable factors also.

-The final design was a mixture of current trends in the market and the application of new material technologies in order to improve the sustainability of the concept but the product is still commercially marketable, in order for the producers of the product to accept the design. I also found that the pricing was an important factor for the design, it had to be less than than the expensive sportswear examples but should be more expensive than the market equivalent in order to reduce the amount bought but to compensate with the new technology in the final concept.

-The final specification changed to apply the changes found within the final design solution. I also looked at other areas for the design which I hadn’t considered previously such as the packing and storage of the product. One point I found important was that I looked at brands such as Puma and how they package their footwear and applied this method to this design process to improve the sustainability on an external area for the design.