Some of the notes from the second session and where I’m going to go after in order to make my viva presentation next week:

59 seconds Richard Wiseman,


Make a persona.

Thompson airlines , experience design

look into what people don’t like enduring

after war

after deaths

Invictus games

social anxiety- working environments

look at other cultures and how they deal with worry


different religions and how they deal with wellbeing

commuting, induced stress and anxiety

expectation and rationality

multiple themes

how do people cope with stress


stress areas and identify the illness and work back towards the cause and then associate with the area it is relevant.

Pregnant women

kids with no immunity

Too clean?

inclusive design

slow design

Im currently researching into why and when people are stressed and how people are affected by stress everyday whether its traffic or in the office. After this I’m going to focus on one area to design a product for and then hopefully I can finish my brief and begin sketching and modelling for the project.