After the first session, I have found that I needed to look for an area to work with rather than a technology, so I looked into current design competitions and focused on subjects that both interested me and I thought had a large area to work with while still being relatable to being a right designer as I am part of this group.

After looking at the competitions, I found this RSA brief and found that it was the most exciting with the potential of being a right design and not focusing in one area.

After finding this brief I decided to look into what Micro biomes are and what they do to us, I found that Micro biomes are bacteria that help with our mental and physical health.

My current list of research is as follows:

Look into research on micro biomes and how physical nutrients help the well being of a person, but also how mental state can help a person to relax and reduce stress to.

-Air quality in homes

-How sound can relax people

-Play And Creativity Module

Lighting enhances peoples mood and previous examples.