I have been doing sketch sheets and developing my idea by looking at previously recycled products while looking at items which have a short life cycle such as disposable cameras, however after development I have narrowed my conceptual stages down to two ideas.

1. The idea of furniture being created out of recycled materials but using unconventional materials, at the moment I am focusing on concrete because it is usually formed in geometric shapes when used in buildings and construction. Also I am looking at minimalism in the design which little functionality.

2. photography, the idea of disposable cameras being thrown away even though they are made of plastic still baffles me? so I began to develop ideas made from cardboard or bamboo, natural materials which are considerably easier to recycle would make much more sense. Then I also began to look at compact camera market and how they are all made from polypropylene and decided to create sketches on developing new cases for this market of cameras. I realised high end cameras have a much longer life cycle but if the recycled material casing is effective whats to say that it cannot be used on the high end equipment.