Over the last week I have been looking into areas in which I can design a new product using recycled products or materials, My first thought was to look at what is the hardest thing to recycle and what is the most abundant resource at landfill, in which I found that newspaper surprisingly was, even though it is recyclable. The hardest items to recycle included Cling film and batteries. However the items I found interesting were used electronics including the PCB and other components and also razor blades,As both refillable and disposable razors become increasingly complex with extra blades and ‘lubricating bars’, they’re more likely than ever to end up in the bin. Greenies advocate refillable models, but when razor cartridges are up to three times the price of disposables, it’s easy to see why this is such a problematic household waste material. So my research has began at looking to use these materials in my project possibly? but this is just as a first concept for idea generation.

I have also read the book, How to be an explorer of the world , by Keri Smith, which gave some useful tips for places to look when designing my product and on the weekend I went to Jacobs market in order to see what items have the longest product life cycle and also the material they are made from, furniture which is well built and timeless has an everlasting lifecycle as well as products with expensive material costs such as jewellery.