Session 1:

We were introduced into the concept that creativity and innovation in the workplace is becoming more popular, because of the link between the two and successful business growth and how certain countries like Korea are rapidly improving with this technique or companies in California (Facebook, Google, Microsoft). We then did a quick exercise where a sheet of paper consisted of thirty circles and we had to illustrate the circles so that they represented something (i.e. Football, Coke can) in a few minutes. I drew on about 12 of the circles and mainly revolved around food or everyday items. The exercise is from ‘creative confidence’ by Tom and David Kelley. We then looked at how we define the word ‘Play’ and ‘imagination’ and concluded that it was a task that was for fun and not for a serious purpose.

Session 2: 

In the second session we had a task where we had to write down 15 most important things that we want to do in our life, then reduce them down to 5 and explain why we chose the 5, I found this pretty difficult because of the decision between personal,social life and my work, university life and which one to invest more of my ideals in. I tried to balance them out as they are both equally important to me. The thing I really learned from this exercise is what I want in my professional Design life, to further my degree with a masters while working for a company to gain experience for my own consultancy. 



From looking at the brief I have started research, specifically looking into materials and items that are hard to recycle and how I could apply them to a new product and where I could develop them as well. The tasks in the week have allowed me to think of places I wouldn’t usually do work, like coffee shops.