Ethnographic Research

Location: The Plan Cafe, Cardiff

Time: Friday Morning

The whole of the cafe was packed by about 11 when I sat down, over the sound of the steam behind the counter a constant chatter of people filled the cafe, I noticed that regularly people would either be talking about what they did the day previously or the last time they had seen someone. The most important thing I found was the amount of people having a meeting for work (or professional) life asking about things relevant to their business or what they were working on, I thought this was interesting that people were using a public place to discuss their work and business instead of doing it in their own office. I found people who went into the cafe on their own would either be working on their laptops or reading, where as people who came in a group would come to socialise. However just from peoples appearance, you could make a guess on what they were there to do.

When ordering drinks, I found people who were their on business or on their own did not talk to the staff as much as people who came with friends or family to socialise and enjoy the atmosphere, I found this interesting because maybe this is the way people behave when they are in certain situations, the fact that even if you are outside of the office but still working, you still might not be able to relax?

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